How Long Does WEED Stay in Your System?

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University Colors

Primary University Color - Dark Green
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Spot Ink Color - Pantone 123
CMYK Equivalent - C = 0, M = 24, Y = 94, K = 0
Web Equivalent - #FFCC00
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Web-Safe Equivalent - #CCCCCC
The university colors are part of our visual identity and should be used thoughtfully and consistently. The dark green Pantone 3305 is the primary color in the system and is the color most closely identified with Humboldt State University. Type prints well in this color, making it useful for limited color publications. It appears on official letterhead and business cards, and is the best choice for single or 2-color color logo applications.

The Gold Pantone 123 is the secondary color in the system. It is useful as an accent color on publications and is used widely in athletics applications such as uniforms and equipment. It is prudent to use this color in support of the primary green, and never alone to carry the identity.

Gray Pantone 423 is a supporting color. It is used as the second color on letterhead and business cards, and can be used in many color design applications because it is neutral. Its use in the 2-color logo is intended to place emphasis on the primary green.

How To Beat Drug Tests

Obviously, your best bet is to be drug free at the time of the test.I would recommend two months of drug abstinence before the drug test.Drug retention periods are as follows:Compound Approx.
Retention Amphetamines 20-25 days
Barbiturates 10-14 days
Cocaine 2-4 days
Ethyl Alcohol 1-2 days
LSD 20-40 days
Marijuana 14-30 days
Methaqualone 14-21 days
Opiates 10-14 days
Phenocyclidine (PCP) 10-14 days

Note: Length of retention varies because of many factors, including bodyweight, metabolism, body fat ratio, and the quantity and concentrationof the drug.Given the above information, you may find yourself in need of a way tobeat drug testing other than 2 months of abstinence.

First off, wateris your best friend. Drink a LOT of it.
Secondly, purge your system.Urinate as often as you can before the actual test. The first urineof the day contains the highest concentration of contaminant particles.Some people can't "go" with someone watching. The testers, to speed upexcretion, might encourage you to drink as much water as you can. DO IT!
Thirdly, adjust your sleep cycle. Getting up earlier will let you squeeze in more trips to the bathroom before the test. If necessary, stay up all night and drink water. Fourthly, use your glands. A good sauna flushesout impurities through sweat. THC and other metabolites are retained in fatty tissues. Any exercise to reduce body fat may help you beat the test.Intense watering does not hide the presence of any illicit substance.You are aiming to dilute all traces to a level below the cutoff point needed for a positive result. This is mandatory, elementary defense.The Consent Form:To protect themselves from lawsuits, testers will ask you to sign aurinalys is consent form. It will ask you to list the drugs you've takenin the past week. Cross out the word "week" and write in "month." If the supervisor screams at you, just tell him you read an article thatsaid an over-the-counter drug you took for the flu three weeks ago could show up. Now for the drugs. For almost every illegal drug there is an OTC drug that tests positive. Here is a list of cross-reacting drugs that you should list on the consent form:Drug/Metabolite Cross-Reactive

OTC cold medicines, such as Nyquil,Vicks Nasal Spray, Sudafed, Neosynephren, etc.

Barbiturate Rarely prescribed compounds... you're hosed Cannaboids Ibuprofen (Advil, Nuprin, Motrin, Mydol) Cocaine Amoxicillin (unconfirmed) Methaqualone None reported to dateMorphine Codeine (in any prescription form)

Poppy seeds Doxylamine OTC antihistamines and sleeping pills Phencyclidine (PCP) Dextromethororphan (found in someprescription cough medicines) Diazepam (Valium) LSD None reported to date

The Testing Procedure:Learn what test is being used. There are three that are quitecommon. The EMIT, Abuscreen (RIA), and ToxiLab (TLC). If you find outthatthey are doing Gas-Chromatography/Mass-Spectrometry (GC/MS), then youare totally screwed. The GC/MS is the chemical equivalent of findinga needle in a haystack. It finds EVERYTHING and is IMPOSSIBLE to cheaton. Fortunately, GC/MS is VERY expensive, and it is only used forconfirmation tests. Don't worry about it..The EMIT test does NOT scan for LSD, RIA does. If you use ethylalcohol or barbituates, RIA does not scan for them, but EMIT does.Also, nothing currently scans for Ecstasy, Psylocybin, mescaline,or nicotine.If you are in the military, you are going to be tested with RIA.The majority of federal agencies screen with EMIT. Private sector companies split between EMIT and TLC.

No problem.... all are aboutequally beatable..Slight of Hand Something like 5% of the public finds it impossible to urinate with somebody nearby. More find it difficult to void under direct observation.It's a documented medical condition, known as "blushing kidneys."Although a minority are afflicted, who is to say you're not one of them?A doctor's note or plaintive insistence of "Please, I can't do it if you'rewatching" will do wonders for insuring privacy.Be creative when you're in the bathroom. Use your body to disruptline-of-sight observance. Hand placement can conceal a lot of activity,but block with anything else that's available. Males might say they onlyurinate sitting down. Like a good magician, distract the observer. Askthem to run the faucet; say that the sound of running water coaxes yourown activity. Practice, practice, practice!Observers, though they may not show it, are embarrassed as you are.The longer you take to urinate, the longer the line behind you grows.Apply enough pressure and they'll give you the latitude you need to perform your little alchemy.

Why all the contortion? Because you want to make some subtle substitutions, replacing your urine with clean stuff.Warm and Dry: Assume a temperature reading will be taken from the specimen. Don't swap an ice-cold brew for tepid pee. The standard temperature thatthey're looking for is between 90.5 and 99.8 degrees Fahrenheit.Getting pure urine is the first step to making an effective substitution. Know your source. A relative, a minister, an infant,anyone that can be counted on for "clean" urine should be tapped.The sample should be as fresh as possible. If you need to keep it a few days before the switcheroo, stick it in the refrigerator.
After a two month period of drug abstinence, you can make your own samples galore and freeze them indefinitely in plastic baggies until needed.WARNING!! Do not substitute animal urine, or make urine from food coloring and water. They are easily detected.Houdini in the Washroom:The substitute urine is clean and warm.
Now you need a device to get it into the bathroom. At a pharmacy, purchase a Bard Dispoz-a-Bag Drainage Bag or other similar product made for temporary use by ambulant patients. Cost, under $4.00. They come in different sizes.In our trials, the large leg bag worked best because the extra volume and shape allowed for a flatter distribution along the midsection whereyou'll be wearing it. It has a short tube and cap, but you can add a short piece of rubber tubing and a valve for easy filling.When a test is imminent, fill and seal the bag with clean urine.Squeeze all of the air out, seal, and put it on - remembering that it can't withstand more than eighteen hours at room temperature.So if the test doesn't go down, take the bag home and put it back in the fridge or freezer. 
You can repeat this as many times as needed.Here's the correct procedure for concealing the bag. Pull down your skirt or pants. Secure the bag to your abdomen, exposing as much of the latex to your skin as possible. The more surface area taken up,the flatter the bag will lie, and the better concealed it will be.Using the abdomen, not the leg, will let gravity do its thing. Tapeit in place. If you don't want to tape it to your body, it might resteasy if you wear panties or jockey shorts. Women shouldn't push it inside panty hose because when you take them off to pee, it'll fall out, unless you cut a pee hole for the hose. You can also purchase incontinence pantsfor about ten dollars. These give a firm fit, additional warmth, and need no tape. If you need, buy a spool of surgical tape.Now, snake the output tube from the bag to your crotch. The tube and the on/off cap should be within easy reach, but hidden from sight.It should also feel comfortable - strange at first, but comfortable.After a few hours, you'll forget about it. When the time comes for you to "urinate", discreetly reach into your clothing, locate and turn onthe release valve, or take off the cap. The "clean" urine will empty into the jar, apparently your own product. When the bag is empty, or you feel you have given enough, turn off the supply, zip up, shake yourread end, and smile. A few drops on your shoe or the seat adds a measure of authenticity.

This method works well for two reasons. First, urine observers are on the outlook for bulk - glass jars, things concealed in pockets, and so forth. While someone will occasionally ask you to remove a coat,frisks and strip searches are verboten. And someone would have to get awfully close to see the small hose at work. Men standing with their backs to the observers and women sitting with their skirts up areshields enough. The drainage bag is form-fitting, especially when taped flat. No one but you knows it's there. Second, yourabdomen serves as a heating pad, radiating body warmth directly to the sample. In an hour the bag will be near enough to body temperature.
As good as the bag trick is, it may not be right for everyone.A good variation. Purchase a few reservoir-tipped condoms (non-lubricated, please). Fill one, pull a second over it (to prevent bursts), and tape it as close to your crotch as possible. When thetime comes to urinate, with a pre sharpened fingernail, puncture thereservoir tip, and go with the flow..Women have an anatomical advantage, the option of inserting a urine-filled condom within the vagina. Again, use sharpenedfingernails or a concealed pin to get things flowing. Even at extra-close range, it's virtually impossible to tell the source of the yellow stream. These techniques should be tried and perfected at home. Novices should use water in their dry runs.
Dilution:Diluting urine in the specimen jar is invariably more effective than diluting it in your bladder. In fact, dilution was so rampant that Edwin Meese ordered all federal toilets filled with blue dye beforea urinalysis. The toilet was one source of dilution the urine cops hadn't thought of earlier.If a surprise urinalysis is forced on you, don't panic. You're in luck if you're looking into clear water. Dip the specimen cup and fill half full of toilet water. Dry the outside. Fill the rest with your own urine and shake. Rub the jar with your hands to warm.Presto, the sample should be dilute enough to fall below the cut off point.Complete privacy means opportunity galore. Rinse and fill the specimen jar with hot water to increase the temperature; then dump it clean. Never use scalding water, since that may put it out side the acceptable temperature range and could even crack a thick,cold container. Don't be alarmed if you don't have a thermometer.Your finger is a reliable dipstick.Although the Health and Human Services Administration insists that toilets be dyed blue, low-level sources inside government washrooms assure us that in most cases the dye is dumped onlyin the bowl, leaving you fresh, clear water in the tank. Avail yourself of the porcelain oasis. But be careful - removing the tank-top makes a lot of noise. And don't flush if you are orderednot to. the thin copper or plastic spout in the tank contains freshwater. Push down on the big float to activate the fresh-water spout.Avail yourself. Take that, Blue Water Meanies!If you're a moderate drug user, or your last use wasn't last night,as little as one third cup of water can make all the difference between negative and positive results. Conceal water in your mouth, in a rubber between your legs or under your arms. Be resourceful. Don't use spit!Saliva contains some tell-tale metabolites.Color Bias:Although the color of urine varies from person to person and hour to hour (depending on diet, metabolism, etc., it is nearly always yellow), there is an unconscious Enforcer bias that rich yellow urine is the real thing. Dilution diminishes the color, so it'ssemi-important to compensate. No problem. Taking vitamin C capsules will give your urine a darker shade of yellow. When you then dilute it,it will balance back to innocent mellow yellow. The vitamins increase the odor, which also compensates for the added water.Chemical Additives:Three tablespoons of iodized salt dumped into the sample and quickly stirred will deceive EMIT tests for ALL substances. The salt, and electrolyte, increases the conductivity of the specimen,and makes it harder for the binding reagents to find their target metabolites. Just make sure all of the salt goes into solution.There's nothing more incriminating than a small pile of insoluble salt at the bottom of the jar. One quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide will also work, as will 3-4 tablespoons of concentrated ammonia or chlorine bleach.That about does it. This information all came from the book"Steal this Urine Test" by Abbie Hoffman. I highly recommend thisbook for further details. While I provided the majority of the"how to beat the test" type info, he goes into the legality of drug testing, etc. Best of luck beating the bladder cops!

This article was posted by some one in 2007 , i found it in internet archives. (i think) these methods not work any more and though about sharing them to every one so that evey one can know how people used to cheat test in past. 

How to make hashish

Hashish (hash?eesh) is a purified resin prepared from the flowering tops of the female cannabis plant and smoked or chewed as a narcotic or an intoxicant. Heres a guide on how to make your own hash from your homegrown....

Hashish consists of the tetrahydrocannabinol-rich resinous material from the female flowers of the cannabis plant, which is collected, dried, and then compressed. Pieces are then broken off, placed in pipes, joints or hookahs and smoked. Since THC is fat-soluble, it is also possible to dissolve hashish in butter used for cooking. The Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are the main sources of hashish. The THC content of hashish that reached the United States, where demand is limited, averaged 6 percent in the 1990s

There are some different techniques of extracting the Resin. This article will describe two of them…

Technique 1
Get a LOT of female plants that have grown all the way and may even contain seeds. Make sure they are absolutely dry by hanging them in a shed for some weeks. Now take off All the leaves that are bigger than 1/2 inch. You end up with just a stem with some buds sitting on it. Now strip off the buds into a container. (BTW, Hash (moroccan style) consitsts EXCLUSIVELY of the pressed grains of resin that are sitting on top of tiny resin glands that are most abundant on the leaves surrounding the seeds, or flowers. when the plant is dry this resin hardens to form a very small particle, called “pollen” which is not actual pollen however.)

So now youve got all the clean buds start crushing them over a kitchen sieve (mesh size abouHow to Make Hash Hashball Picturet 0.5 mm). The seeds and stems will stay on top of the sieve. “Grind” the leaves gently through the sieve. You end up with a sort of powdered leaves. Be sure that the thin skins that surround the seeds are included in this result, because they contain most of the resin glands. You may repeat this process using a sieve with an even smaller mesh size (0.25 mm). Then take a cloth with the appropriate “mesh size” and rub the powder you have already got over this cloth. In the ideal case, only the finestt particles pass through the cloth and will ill consist only of tiny grains of resin. Now take this powder and wrap it into a sheet of kitchen plastic foil. Now press this “package” between a few logs of wood.

The result is a sheet of hashisch. If the sheet falls apart again you’ve got too much leafy stuff in between the resine. Try a cloth with a smaller mesh size the next time. This procedure is only advised when you have so much weed to spare that you don’t possibly smoke it all in a year

Technique 2

To make a basic solvent-extracted ‘hash’ from dried leaves or dried buds:
Take dried marijauna and crush it up into a fine powder.
Put the powder in a jar with 100% pure Isopropyl alcohol, so the alcohol covers the powder.
Soak in a dark place for anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days
Pour the mixture through a screen onto a glass plate. A fine kitchen strainer or gold coffee filter work well.
Evaporate the liquid carefully. This can be done either by letting it sit out in a warm place or by heating it up. If you’re going to heat it, be careful…it’s flammable. Do it someplace with good ventalation, preferably near a kitchen exhaust fan that blows outside.

Scrape up the tar with a razor blade or spatula. Try to choose a pan or bowl that won’t be harmed by a razor (glass?).
If it is too sticky, add a little dry powder till it attains the consistancy of silly putty. Work it over and over. This seems to make it bind together.
Practice makes perfect! :)

(for educational purposes only)

Effects on Sexuality

Perhaps part of the appeal of marijuana is its rumored aphrodisiac qualities. Marijuana has the reputed effect of elevating mood and arousal and stimulating sexual activity. Just think of the common stereotype of the "sex-crazed, dope-fiend" - the use of marijuana has been quite eroticized. In reality, sex under the influence of marijuana isn't always so romantic. While the drug does enhance mood and reduce inhibitions, much in the way that alcohol does, it also plays quite fickly with libido. Some claim that it substantially increases sexual desire: "My sexual drive goes up when stoned; I have more need for sex." Others experience the converse effect: "I have much less sexual drive when stoned; it's difficult to arouse me even in a situation which would normally arouse me." As well, many users fall between the two extremes: "I have no increase in sexual feelings unless it's a situation that I would normally be sexually aroused in, and then the sexual feelings are much stronger."

Smokers and their partners (who may or may not be smokers) also experience different reactions to using pot during intercourse. There are some that claim a greater bond between partners, claiming marijuana facilitates a more beautiful, spiritual connection: "It may be a turn-on toward an aura of gentleness, sensitivity, and glow." The flip side to this is that lovers feel that marijuana takes each one of them into his or her own personal space and distances them: "It creates a separating, fuzzy, dreamlike quality that diffuses the reality of sex." In regards to the rumors that marijuana heightens sexual climax, much scientific research seems to discredit that. Marijuana may distort the time sense, with the resulting illusion of prolonged arousal and orgasm. Chronic marijuana smokers do show signs of infertility - men may have lower sperm counts and women may have abnormal ovulation (but this does not mean that marijuana is effective in preventing pregnancy…marijuana is not a contraceptive!). As well, marijuana is believed to inhibit testosterone synthesis in males. The use of marijuana while pregnant can be quite damaging to the health of the fetus. Because THC crosses the placental barrier, smoking increases the risk of pregnancy loss, birth defects, and retardation of fetal growth and development.

How Long Does Weed (Marijuana) Stay in Your System ?

A common question among individuals that use marijuana is, “How long does marijuana stay in your system”. You will find that the time frames for marijuana will vary by how long you use it.
How Long Does Weed Stays in Your Body
You may find that the chemical from marijuana, THC, could be stored within the fatty tissues of numerous organs. This could be stored in these tissues forever. The length of time marijuana stays within your system will vary between each different individual. It could be determined by their fluid intake, how often they use marijuana, their metabolism, and their diet.
Time Frames
Marijuana can stay in your body and be detected for weeks and possibly longer. This will depend on how it is absorbed. After 20 hours at least half of the THC is eliminated. You could find that there could be some will be stored in your body fat and be eliminated after 10 to 13 days. This will all depend on the weight of the individual, how often the marijuana is being used, how much is consumed, and also how often they are using it.
If the marijuana is orally ingested then the time frame is 1 to 5 days. If an individual smokes this occasionally then it will be out of their system in just a few days. It will take at least 2 weeks to a month for the heavy smokers. If the individual smokes this daily then they could possibly still have traces in their bodies up to 2 to 3 months after the last time they smoked it.
How Long Does Weed Stays in Your Hair and Blood
There are tests that can be used to detect marijuana by using your hair. From the time of usage it will take 7 to 10 days for any affected hair to grow and be above your scalp. This still can be detected up until 90 days after the most recent use.
Marijuana will be present in your blood for approximately 2 to 3 days after you have used it. It may be remain in your bloodstream past 2 to 3 weeks if you are a frequent and heavy user. The time frame for the blood is a smaller time frame than all the others.
How Long Does Weed Stays in Your Saliva
The time frame for marijuana detection is saliva is shorter. The time period is one to two hours after the drug has been ingested. You may find that if you are tested inside a laboratory the drug could be detected for up to 72 hours after usage. An onsite testing, which uses instant saliva drug test, is able to perceive only after 12 hours after the last marijuana ingestion.
If a test is run for marijuana using saliva it can usually be detected for 1 to 10 days after even a single use. If you have ingested it then there is the possibility of it having a longer lasting detection.
How Long Does Weed Stays in Your Urine
The time frame for urine will be determined by the amount and how frequent the marijuana is used. The marijuana can be detected 2 to 5 days for infrequent users. For heavy users it is approximately 15 days. The chronic user is a minimum of 30 days. This would include individuals that have a high body fat.
As individuals try to determine the different time frames for their marijuana usage there are numerous things that need to be taken into consideration. First will be the frequency, the amount they are using, their diet, their fluid intake and if they are active or not. These are very important to determining the time frames.

Girls Gone Weed

Call it pot, grass, weed, or any one of nearly 200 other names, marijuana is, by far, the world’s most commonly used illicit drug :)